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There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of local delivery companies and international shipping companies in Jordan, but those that have distinguished themselves and proven their worth in terms of excellent customer service and delivering their orders safely and soundly are very few. Therefore, today’s article in which we will talk about Hala Delivery Company, the best delivery companies in Jordan.

Hala delivery

Hala Delivery is a local Jordanian delivery company, launched in 2023, specializing in delivering orders to their owners, and receiving them on the contrary from its suppliers and merchants to customers wherever they are within Jordan.

The best Jordanian delivery company

Hala Delivery Company is considered one of the best local delivery companies in Jordan. Despite its new origins, it has proven its worth with distinction, and within a very short period, to be the first choice for customers inside Jordan, to deliver and receive their orders.

Hala delivery services

Hala Delivery Company offers many distinctive services that make it the best Jordanian delivery company, such as:

  • Competitive delivery prices.
  • Free pickup and delivery service.
  • Flexibility in times of receiving orders from merchants to suit them.
  • Flexibility in delivery times to customers.
  • Fast delivery to all governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Daily delivery to all regions and governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Delivery Captain Hala undergoes qualification and training courses that make him experienced in dealing with orders and how to maintain them in all their forms and types.
  • Qualifying and training the Hala delivery captain on how to deal with customers and deliver and receive orders.
  • A flexible and easy-to-use delivery application for smartphones.
  • Delivering orders of any type or size with high professionalism.
  • Renewed offers on delivery that keep pace with all seasons, such as the holiday seasons.
  • Confidentiality in dealing.

Hala Delivery covers all governorates

Hala Delivery Company provides delivery service within Jordan, including all the governorates of the Kingdom, the most important of which are such as:

  • Irbid.
  • Amman.
  • Mafraq.
  • Alzarqa’a.
  • Tafila.

Hala delivery app

Hala Delivery customers can… the best delivery company in Jordan. Download the Hala Delivery application on your mobile phone via the following link:

Hala Delivery Vision

Hala Delivery Company seeks to become an international and global shipping company with the same standards of local delivery within Jordan in which it has excelled so far, and in terms of qualifying Hala captains, and delivering and shipping orders, regardless of their owners or merchants, with high professionalism and safety.

Hala Delivery – From Amman to everywhere we do not stop.

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