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I am the owner of an online clothing store, and before Hala Delivery dealt with more than one delivery company, but always delayed by sending my account, Luck decided to turn on a second delivery company, until Hala Delivery met, frankly; When to hand over my account I chose it at the time that suited me, and here I rest, I am simplified and my customers are simplified


Owner of Online Clothing Store

My customers are simplified, and they told me that their orders are stuck with tightness, not even the captain of delivery.


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Why Hala Deleviry

Hala Delivery has a large crew of medium and large cargo cars

Captain Hala

Captain Hala is carefully selected, then undergoes training that takes care of cargo of all kinds, until it reaches its final destination.

Professional Customer Service

Hala Delivery offers professional customer service, thanks to Hala Cadres to serve qualified and professional customers

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Hala Delveri customers can call anytime, call reception team will be ready to help 24/7

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Don’t worry, no one will be able to mess with your shipments.

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